Top 3 Ways to Support Your Pregnant Employees


Pregnancy in the workplace can put both managers and employees in an uncomfortable position. Many women are reluctant to even announce their pregnancy in an office setting. The responsibility falls on employers and managers to ensure that women feel comfortable and supported from their announcement to their return to work.

  1. Set the group tone - Be sure that you’re setting a respectful and understanding tone for the rest of your team. Try not to refer to your pregnant employee’s leave as “vacation,”  “time off” or other terms that could lessen the importance of this time.

  2. Create a set “Day One” - Schedule a nonnegotiable date for leave to begin, and have your pregnant employee work from home for a few days leading up to it. By working from home, the team and pregnant employee have time to adjust and reduce the anxiety of the coming changes.

  3. Prepare the Office for their Return - Make sure that you have thought out the transition back for your pregnant employee. Ensure that managers are reinforcing a business as usual mindset while also providing support and

It’s important to understand that there is no universal approach to managing a pregnant employee. However, there are certain steps that can be taken to help increase comfort and retention after leave.