Egg Freezing: Staying Ahead in A Rapidly Evolving Market


Women today are waiting longer than ever to have children, according to a 2014 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). A 2017 Healthline report reveals that 1 in 2 millennial men and women are postponing parenthood, while more older women—especially those between the ages of 40 and 44—are becoming mothers. But women’s fertility declines after age 35, and older women who do become pregnant face an increased risk of fetal chromosomal abnormalities and miscarriage.

Egg freezing offers a potential solution to these challenges, and we’re excited to announce that Maven has just published an in-depth report on the state of affairs of egg freezing, which sheds light on why so many women are freezing their eggs, why it’s inevitable that more companies will begin offering egg freezing benefits, and some of the ethical questions surrounding egg freezing.

For example: when companies like Apple and Facebook launched egg freezing benefits in 2014, questions were raised about whether doing so pressured female employees to prioritize work over starting families. But since then, multiple studies have shown that career planning is far from the primary reason why most women consider freezing their eggs. Instead, the main reason most women cite is simply that they haven’t yet found a suitable partner—and egg freezing offers them some relief from the pressure to rush into a relationship, or parenthood, prematurely. 

But for many women, the egg freezing journey can be prohibitively difficult to navigate without guidance. While there are more provider options than ever to choose from, reliable data about these options is scarce, as the majority of women who have had their eggs frozen have not yet attempted to use them. And, since the younger a woman is when she freezes her eggs, the better, it’s important for women to be well informed about their own fertility long before deciding to embark on the procedure.

Download our report to find out why more and more companies are launching egg freezing benefits to keep up with the needs of today’s diverse workforce—and how providing support for each step of the journey can help women get the best possible results from these benefits, while also helping your company lower costs.

You can read the full report by going to the link here.

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