Maven 2018 Year in Review


Below are a few of our proudest moments we’d love to share with you.

Over 1 million women turned to Maven for support
In 2018, we more than tripled the amount of women we were able to help with expert health advice the minute they needed it.

We raised a $27m round of funding from Sequoia and Oak
In September, we raised a $27M Series B, led by Sequoia Capital and Oak HC/FT, bringing Maven’s total funding to $42M and allowing us to help hundreds of thousands more women and families.

We launched with multinational clients
In Canada, the UK, Brazil, Germany, Australia, India, and more.

We added exciting new clients including Fortune 50 employers
Our new clients include technology, financial services, retail, CPG, and consulting companies.

We’re helping companies in crisis
Some companies, who have been in a negative spotlight recently, have turned to Maven to help better support pregnant employees—as well as advise on policies at an organizational level.

We hired our Chief Revenue Officer
Melissa Frieswick has joined Maven from Virgin Pulse.

We launched two new programs
Now offering adoption and surrogacy support.

We launched our own breast milk shipping service!
Maven Milk offers simple domestic breast milk shipping within the U.S. and international travel kits for working moms.

We expanded our women’s and family health network to cover new specialties
Our practitioner network - the largest women’s health network in the US - includes over 1,350 practitioners covering over 20 different specialities—including new verticals such as Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Naturopathic Medicine.

We created the first-ever prep course for working mothers
Maven’s Guide to Working Motherhood is our 61-week prep course that empowers women to have safe deliveries, healthy recoveries, and confident transitions to working motherhood. Examples include Episiotomies: What you need to know, Finalize childcare and back-up

We shone a light on maternal mental health
Our national maternal mental health campaign revealed that 55% of moms with perinatal mood disorders were never screened at any point.

We released a cutting-edge report on Egg Freezing
We revealed how companies can maximize the results of offering egg freezing benefits to their employees. Download the report.

We launched weekly insights from the front lines of women’s healthcare
Jane’s Friday Thoughts, are a collection of entries on the state of modern maternity from practicing OB-GYN and Maven Medical Director, Jane van Dis, posted every Friday on the Maven blog.

We drove outcomes across our current patient base
We helped our current clients reduce maternity-related costs, reduce anxiety, screen and treat postpartum mood disorders, and bring new parents back to work with confidence.

We earned great press

Maven named World’s Most Innovative Companies 2018
Fast Company

The Boss: How Kate Ryder Started a Healthcare App Designed for Women

Maven is Top 10 New York City Startups to Watch in 2019

This Founder Raised $42m to Start A Digital Health Clinic for Women

We’re truly making an impact, hear what our members are saying

“I spoke with a midwife when I found out I had a breeched baby. She was able to provide me with some suggestion of what I could do to help flip my baby. I took many of those suggestions and was able to get my baby in the correct position which helped me avoid a C-Section. This is a life-changing product.”
- Maven member

“I have used every service Maven offers—from lactation consultants to digital doulas to mental health professionals. The LC was especially helpful as I navigated a rare and painful breast condition; the digital doula gave me tips for staying in labor at home; and the nurses have answered tons of questions about my baby in the hours that my pediatrician was closed and I was worried!
- Maven member

“Egg freezing is something that so few people are educated on and Maven provides a platform for women to ask informed individuals about it without having to think twice about if they'd know the answer or not.”
- Maven member