Healthline features Maven OB-GYN Jackie Stone on ways to improve childbirth in America


With the rising maternal mortality rate and exorbitant costs for prenatal care and delivery in the U.S., Healthline explores solutions to some of the issues associated with childbirth in a new article, 7 Ways We Can Dramatically Improve Childbirth in America, featuring Maven OB-GYN Dr. Jackie Stone. 

In the article, Dr. Stone shares ideas from her own practice and experiences, and speaks to solutions that are key to Maven’s approach and care model. For instance, she talks about the importance of doulas and how they help lower C-section rates and drive birth outcomes, assuming a critical role as “personal advocate and emotional support coach” during pregnancy and delivery. 

She also talks about addressing bias in healthcare to close significant gaps in outcomes for women of color, sharing:


“Our healthcare systems—from medical education and residencies to hospital systems—need to focus efforts on how to train healthcare professionals to understand their own biases as well as additional research into why this dichotomy exists.”


At Maven, we’re committed to being part of the solution and improving pregnancy outcomes around the world every day through our high-touch care delivery model. Our incredible network of some of the most sought-after providers in their specialties, like Dr. Stone, is at the core of our mission to drive change and fill gaps in women’s and family healthcare—helping to shape our clinical programs, raising standards of care, eliminating barriers to access, and providing empathetic, equitable care to our members. 

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