What We're Reading - June 2018


The Maven team scours the media to bring you relevant news you may have missed or overlooked. Here’s what we are reading.

Workforce.com reports that Cracks in Diversity Initiatives are Widening the Gender Chasm. Although 57% of college grads are female, fewer women than men are hired at the entry level, effectively shrinking the female talent pipeline from day one. Women are then 22% less likely to reach manager level. Workforce.com warns that current workplace diversity programs are not working and failure to take corrective action means that companies will lose the best talent in their leadership pipelines, as women are consistently rated as better performers than their male peers.

Companies are getting creative when it comes to helping working parents. CNBC reports on the practice of allowing coworkers to gift personal days to new moms so they can extend their leave. Employee Benefits News shared 10 creative ways to help working parents and posed the three questions to ask to determine if your maternity benefits program is up to par, warning that traditional programs may be missing the mark and concluding that “empowering employees to ...engage in behaviors that lead to optimal health outcomes will decrease your overall healthcare spend and result in healthier, happier employees.”

And speaking of maternity and the workplace, The New York Times talked to new FTC commissioner Rebecca Slaughter who is first to do the job with a baby in the office. New York Magazine’s The Cut talked to seven women about getting hired while pregnant and Quartz reports on what the Gates Foundation learned by offering 52 weeks of paid parental leave.

They’re making a list and checking it twice. No, it’s not early Christmas prep. Allure magazine explores Why Women Are Making "Pre-Baby Bucket Lists" Filled With Goals to Accomplish Before Motherhood. Spoiler alert, these bucket lists include making it big career-wise before pregnancy.