What if women's healthcare was free for a day?


Better women’s health, and better access to care, are the keys to equality. When we have care, we have choices. We can protect ourselves, plan our futures, take care of our families, and get the support we need to achieve anything we want. That’s why on International Women’s Day, Maven, the digital clinic for women, is waiving fees for all appointments, giving all women instant access to high quality care.

“Healthcare access is critical to improving women’s lives,” said Katherine Ryder, Maven Founder and CEO. “For millions of women around the world, access to medical care is the difference between staying in school and dropping out, using protection and contracting a life-threatening disease, having a healthy pregnancy and having a miscarriage, premature birth, or worse.”

From midnight to midnight on Thursday, March 8th, 2018, any woman can book a video appointment with a practitioner on Maven at no cost. Video chat with OB-GYNs, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, mental and physical therapists, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum specialists, and more—for free, right from your phone or computer. 

Visit www.mavenclinic.com, click “Press for Progress,” book an appointment, and enter code: PRESSFORPROGRESS