TODAY show launches new Women’s Wellness Series with Maven

Kate Ryder, founder and CEO of Maven, joined Maria Shriver and Al Roker on the TODAY show to talk about how Maven is disrupting the virtual healthcare industry—and putting patients at the center of our service.

“When I started the business five years ago it was one of the first waves of digital health,” she said. “And the first things that entrepreneurs were tackling were other areas—chronic disease, fitness tracking, primary care.”

Women’s health wasn’t a priority. So Kate made it one.

“We saw a tremendous opportunity to change the dialogue,” Kate said, adding, “I’ve been on Maven through two pregnancies and one miscarriage. It’s truly helped me navigate these joys and challenges.”

Mercedes Samudio, one of Maven’s mental health specialists and a licensed social worker, talked about why members love Maven’s accessibility. “There are a variety of issues that women come to me for—anything from postpartum depression and anxiety, to managing stress around life, family and their careers. There’s literally a practitioner or someone who is there to say, ‘I am here. Ten minutes, 40 minutes; what do you need?’”


“I’ve been on Maven through two pregnancies and one miscarriage. It’s truly helped me navigate these joys and challenges.”


Dr. Jane van Dis, Maven’s Medical Director and a practicing OB-GYN, highlighted the variety of hard-to-find services and practitioners Maven offers, from pelvic-floor physical therapists to sleep coaches to diabetic educators. “We really fill a lot of gaps in care that way,” she said.

Psychiatrist and bioethicist Dr. Tia Powell joined the segment to share why she’s excited about Maven’s mission—and why women’s child-bearing and early parenting years are a period during which support is most crucial. She stressed the importance of one of Maven’s most essential offerings: helping women go back to work after having a baby.

“I’m old enough that I can say there was no support—actually active discouragement—around childbearing for professional women, which is a disaster,” she said. “It means you drive out trained people.”

Maven addresses this critical gap by partnering with global employers to offer Maven as a family benefit providing customized programs for any path to parenthood—pregnancy, fertility, adoption, surrogacy, loss, breastmilk shipping, return to work, and infant care. 

Start using Maven today by reaching out to our team ([email protected]) to get Maven at your company. Or download our app.

Kate Ryder on Yahoo! Finance

Maven Founder and CEO Kate Ryder spoke with Yahoo! Finance’s Melody Hahm about the future of digital health and how Maven is revolutionizing healthcare for women and families. In the interview, Ryder emphasizes how Maven acts to complement and build upon individuals’ in-person care through on-demand telemedicine. 

“It’s an amazing time in the market because about five years ago when we started, the conversations being had weren’t the ones we’re having today,” explains Ryder. 

They spoke live from the 2019 Forbes Women Summit in NYC in June, where Kate Ryder was featured on a panel of leading women in STEM sharing keys to unlocking innovation. 

NEBGH Recap: Maven's Key Takeaways

NEGBH annual conference recap

In June, the Northeast Business Group on Health (NEBGH) gathered HR and benefits leaders from companies across the Northeast, along with healthcare providers and experts driving innovative solutions like Maven, in NYC for its annual conference. We discussed some of the complex topics top-of-mind for benefits teams like mental health, concierge services, AI, and addressing high-cost conditions.  

Maven women’s health nurse practitioner and advisor Rebecca Callahan was part of a panel on Healthcare Disparities Despite Coverage and, as a platinum sponsor of the conference, Maven had a table in the exhibit area. The panel—moderated by Claire Levitt, deputy commissioner for the New York City Mayor’s Office of Labor Relations—explored benefits teams’ key concerns around how to address disparities that exist in accessing care and managing certain conditions, despite best efforts to treat diverse workforces equally when it comes to benefits coverage. Rebecca Callahan discussed how Maven helps employers close these gaps by improving access to quality, equitable care for all employees. She was joined by other panelists Karan Singh, the co-founder and chief operations officer at Ginger, and Luther T. Clark, MD and Deputy Chief Patient Officer at Merck.

Here are a few additional key takeaways we wanted to share from NEBGH this year:

  • Time is the biggest barrier for employees in seeking quality healthcare. With this in mind, employees embrace benefits solutions that bring care to them, like virtual care or in-office and at-home services.

  • Employers are leading the way in adopting innovative healthcare solutions. More companies are embracing forward-thinking health and wellness partners like Maven, and are working with health plans to deliver better care solutions for employees.

  • Retention remains a key priority for employers when considering benefits. In an increasingly competitive job market, employee retention continues to be a challenge for companies. Holistic, high-quality benefits solutions with no out-of-pocket costs for employees are key to driving employee satisfaction and retention—and avoiding high turnover costs.


“More companies are embracing forward-thinking health and wellness partners like Maven, and working with health plans to deliver better care solutions for employees.”


Until next year’s NEBGH annual conference, we hope more employers continue to embrace inclusive, holistic, and innovative healthcare solutions for their employees. Maven is here to help.

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