Maven Insights: What provider engagement tells us about our care

Did You Know?  

An engaged Maven member sees more than 5 provider types in Maven’s network, on average. 

Why this matters 

This emphasizes something we often hear from our members: that the breadth of Maven’s provider network makes all the difference. Maven fills critical gaps in care for women and families by complementing and augmenting their in-person doctors, and giving them needed access to providers across areas that are not covered by traditional insurance carriers—all in one place. 

With an engaged member seeing more than 5 provider types, individuals are accessing care across a range of specialties based on their own unique path to parenthood and where they are in that journey. 

Here are the 5 types of providers in our network that are booked most frequently by Maven’s members: 


So, why these specialties? 

Let’s unpack why Maven members turn to these provider types so often—wherever they may be in their own unique path to parenthood—and how these specialties help to drive positive outcomes for individuals and employers. 

  • OB-GYNs complement care members receive from their in-person doctor by giving second opinions and answering questions outside of traditional doctor’s office hours. OB-GYNs who specialize in high-risk pregnancies also have a special role to play in managing members’ unique conditions and driving healthy, full-term pregnancies. Seeing OB-GYNs on Maven reduces time and costs of in-person visits, and eliminates the need for anxiety and panicked Google searches!

  • Lactation Consultants play a critical role in the postpartum and return-to-work period as new parents navigate the physical and emotional challenges of breastfeeding. Maven removes common barriers to access to Lactation Consultants (including time and costs).

  • Pediatric sleep coaches provide tips and guide new parents through sleep training, and address any sleep issues infants struggle with. By providing unlimited virtual access to sleep coaches, Maven lowers high out-of-pocket costs, ranging from $300+ for virtual consultants through $7,500 for in-home training.

  • Nutritionists provide guidance to improve holistic health during different stages of any path to parenthood. For instance, nutrition counseling can improve fertility for both men and women (National Center for Biotechnology Information).  

  • 1 in 3 members seek mental health support on Maven, filling a major gap for individuals at various key moments in any journey, and improving productivity and return-to-work transitions.



An engaged Maven member sees more than 5 provider types in Maven’s network, on average. 


Holistic care drives outcomes & lowers costs

By seeing 5 provider types, Maven’s engaged members are accessing the type of coordinated, end-to-end care that they need through every step of their own individual path to parenthood. Through our holistic care delivery model, Maven helps to improve maternal outcomes, lower employer costs, and drive employee retention and productivity. 

For instance, seeing mental health specialists in pregnancy or postpartum can directly impact costs: women who experience perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are more likely to deliver preterm or by C-section (which carry significantly higher costs), and women who experience postpartum depression, despite being quite common, incur 90% higher healthcare costs than those who don’t. 

Maven’s network of 1,400+ providers in over 20 specialties sets us apart as a unique family benefits and virtual care platform. Maven’s providers cover clinical, behavioral, and wellness specialties, and our comprehensive care delivery model means on-demand video or messaging appointments are available with providers or Care Advocates at any time, day or night, with no out-of-pocket costs.