Parity® Coalition to address gender parity in corporate leadership positions by 2030


NEW YORK, March, 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Maven announced its joining the Paradigm for Parity® coalition, with the goal of achieving a new norm in corporate leadership: one in which women and men have equal power, status and opportunity.  Maven is founded by Kate Ryder, one of the few female healthcare CEOs and a mother of two. Gender parity is built into Maven's mission and business model.  Maven's flagship product is its Family Benefits platform which enables companies to provide its employees with the necessary clinical, behavioral and wellness support needed to achieve their family goals and grow their careers. 

"Maven's mission is closely aligned with that of the Paradigm for Parity® coalition and we are honored to join the movement," said Maven founder and CEO, Kate Ryder. "More than 40 percent of American women who give birth leave the workforce -- some by choice, but some by necessity due to the lack of adequate support. What's more, less than a quarter of senior leadership is female. We're committed to being a catalyst for change and look forward to working with the coalition and its member companies to accelerate the pace of achieving gender parity.

"We applaud Kate Ryder and the Maven Clinic executive team for achieving gender parity within the company's leadership," said Jewelle Bickford, co-chair of the Paradigm for Parity® coalition. "The company is a leader in enabling working women and new parents to start and grow families while maintaining momentum in their careers and we are thrilled to welcome them to the Paradigm for Parity® coalition."

Maven has committed to:

  • Eliminating or minimizing unconscious bias in the workplace; including the maternity bias which causes 43 percent of highly qualified women to voluntarily leave the workforce after having children.

  • Working with companies to create workplaces where people are given the same opportunity, specifically in leadership roles.

  • Supporting women in the process of returning to work - providing sponsors and resources, not just mentors, to women so that they are well positioned for long term success.

  • Addressing the gaps in women's and family healthcare from a radically patient-centric perspective, to improve health and economic outcomes for women and families where the system has previously failed them, particularly around mental health, lactation support, women's health physical therapy, and new parent support.

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About the Paradigm for Parity® Movement
The Paradigm for Parity® coalition is comprised of CEOs, senior executives, founders, board members and business academics who are committed to achieving a new norm in corporate leadership: one in which women and men have equal power, status, and opportunity.

The coalition created the Paradigm for Parity® 5-Point Action Plan for corporations to accelerate the pace of gender equity in senior executive roles. This unique agenda defines bold and specific actions that, taken together and simultaneously implemented as a package, will catalyze change and enable today's business executives to secure the best leaders of tomorrow. Visit or follow us on Twitter using @p4parity to learn more about this exciting initiative.