What We're Reading - July 2018

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The Maven team scours the media to bring you relevant news you may have missed or overlooked. Here’s what we are reading.

Motley Fool says investing in women-friendly companies is good business. Why Female-Friendly Companies Outperform, and How You Can Find Them shares some notable statistics, including that diverse companies perform up to 95% better and make better decisions 87% of the time.

That represents some missed leadership opportunities for the tech sector, where only 15% of software developers and 5% of engineers are women, says Geekwire in an article outlining ways the tech industry can change its gender dynamic.

The ManpowerGroup released a new study, Solving the Talent Shortage: Build, Buy, Borrow and Bridge. Based on a survey of 39,195 employers in 43 countries, the study proffers advice for HR professionals to address their talent shortages. Among the suggestions, HR will need to become more adept at marketing and be prepared to invest in benefits, wages or other perks.

Bloomberg Law discusses how Benefit Offerings Mature Along With the Millenials Employers Want to Hire, while Money magazine takes a deep dive into one of the benefits most popular with Millennials - egg freezing.

Benefits Pro asks Why are women dropping out of the workforce?, positing that American women are being forced to choose between motherhood and careers because of the limitations of paid parental leave and childcare.

But do women anticipate how motherhood will impact their future employment? A new study, The Mommy Effect: Do Women Anticipate The Employment Effects Of Motherhood?, from National Bureau Of Economic Research found that motherhood has a negative effect on women’s participation in the workforce and women do not appear to anticipate this “mommy effect” on employment.